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Gerard Arthur Way
United States
Indiana Jones - We Are Going To Die Stamp by TwilightProwler

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Honorable mention of the [whatever the fuck amount of time it's up here] –

Na Na Na by WretchedIAN

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No matter how ugly the world gets or how stupid it shows me it is, I always have faith.
Epic Party Poison Stamp by heartagrammer

My bros, blood or not –

And then there's this broody dudey –

And then there's this extra broody dudey –
Yeah, that's a long story, and I probably tell it better than myself, if you get what I mean . . . no? Well, go ask me.

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In other news, the #Killjoy Hideaway needs more love. (Protip: Click the link.)

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Stay beautiful.gif by 333Miami333
Blippin' on your radar. Gone, scattered to the wind—and now come back from its whispering yet almost inescapable embrace.

Hey-fuckin'-hey, motorbabes. I know we were vanished for the longest-ass fuckin' time, and I'm the sorriest cat ever about not being able to notify anyone, but—we're back. I can't tell you where we were, or what we were doin', and I can't tell you when the other guys are gonna show their hideous mugs, but I'm contacting you guys now, showing my face—'cause, well, I'm the goddamn face, y'know? And 'cause my flamboyant and automatically detectable presence has ensured that I am the Jesus-bangin' best at avoiding official detection. *though this transmission has no video, you can tell he's winking or some other sassy shit*

So. You tarts fromage have no idea how much ass I sorted through to find myself this ridiculously huge amount of padding. But I'm ready for the fuckin' dogpile! No broken ulna like last time! Who the fuck's comin'?

Location's kinda new . . . coded coordinates are zero nine sparkles from the top of the cherry tree, twenty-eight mancandies in the basket. Anyway—you don't know how much I've missed this section of the planet—I wanna see your faces. Don't be strangers, mis palomas.

See you when I see you. Keep runnin'.


(Hello, hello, my lovelies. So I have a few days. Shall we roll?)

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Leanneisme Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I did a new drawing in under 10 minutes for the basic sketch and I'm so proud of it!
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Thank you for the fave! ^ u ^
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*giant virtual bearhug* I miss your face already, doofus. :c
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