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I am so very tired of this entire affair.

I am tired of the catfights.
I am tired of the childishness.
I am tired of the baseless accusations.
I am tired of the stonewalling.
I am tired of the hypocrisy.
I am tired of the spineless shittalking.
I am tired of the outright falsehoods.
I am tired of the presumptuousness.
I am tired of the condescension.
I am tired of the self-righteousness.
I am tired of the delusion.

I am tired.

I am in an as-before unnamed position which I will for the sake of simplicity call 'neutral.'

I have tried to lend assistance. This attempt has gone to the grand destination of Nowhere. Furthermore, I cannot help if those I offer asisistance to are not willing to help themselves in whatever way possible.

I do not fully agree with either party in question, though I will admit to as of now favoring one above the other after having interacted with both.

Regardless, I am going to, as it were, sit on the newly-erected fence—rather, I am going to burrow a hole under the fence, dig in where we had already made roots before all of this.

I do have a very busy life beyond these virtual walls—busy enough that I have neither the time nor the desire to further deal with this dramafest. I am shutting down my accounts for RP purposes until this is resolved as it should be—between both parties involved, and like responsible, sentient human beings.

If it is not, so be it. The shitstorm was yours to start, the shitstorm is yours to finish.

When this blows over—if this blows over—whoever is left . . . if you are so willing, we will start over anew. We've done it before. We can do it again.

Until I see you again, dinglebugs.

Keep running.


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